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At Cohelan Khoury & Singer, we proudly use our legal insight and extensive resources to help clients throughout California and the greater San Diego area who need help taking legal action against employers that make unlawful deductions from paychecks. Our wage law attorneys are here to provide reliable legal counsel and make sure our clients’ best interests are represented.

In California, employers can’t deduct any sums from an employee’s wages to pay salaries, bonuses, or wages of other employees. Also, companies are not permitted to make deductions from commissions or other wages to pay for uniforms, cash shortages, failure to clock in or out, or other penalties for employee conduct. Employees are entitled to recover improper deductions dating back up to four years, with interest.

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Under California law, employers can face severe penalties for making unlawful deductions from an employee’s wages, failing to provide rest or meal breaks, failing to pay final wages upon termination, and other workplace violations.

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