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Our lawyers specializing in antitrust and unfair competition have an intimate understanding of the current unfair competition laws. Unfair business practices that are anticompetitive are defined under legislation such as the California Cartwright Act, which prohibits anticompetitive activities, and the Sherman Antitrust Act, which was passed in 1890 to restrict the growth of trusts and monopolies. Antitrust laws prohibit unreasonable restraint of trade and acts that are harmful to competition. Examples of actions that violate antitrust laws are arrangements between businesses to price fix, divide markets, create group boycotts, and tying. Antitrust laws are protect the consumer and competition. Our antitrust lawyers are prepared to go to bat to protect your interests under antitrust law.

Anticompetitive Business Practices and The Sherman Antitrust Act

Competitive, free markets are the foundation underpinning the U.S. economy. Unfair competition laws ensure that businesses don’t have to overcome underhanded actions that are harmful to competition in order to succeed in the market. Antitrust law is a way of safeguarding the spirit of competition among businesses and corporations.

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