Expense Reimbursements

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An employer who fails to reimburse employees for expenses incurred in carrying out their employment is liable to the employee for the amount of all necessary expenses, interest, attorney’s fees and costs. For example, employees who use their automobiles in carrying out job functions must be provided a mileage or other reimbursement to cover all driving expenses, including gas and insurance. This requirement covers all expenses incurred in the scope of employment. Employees may not be required to pay for uniforms or laundering of uniforms. The purpose of this law is to protect employees from suffering any expense as a direct consequence of the performance of the employee’s duties. Employees are entitled to recover expense reimbursements dating back up to four years, with interest.

Some examples of covered expenses include:

Training costs
Seminar costs
Telephone charges
Mailing costs
Office supplies

Office equipment
Wages of the support staff
Costs associated with transaction errors
Costs to settle disputes with customers
Other necessary business-related costs or expenses that resulted from your employment