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We are experienced employment attorneys in San Diego, California. We represent employees and workers who have experienced illegal employment and workplace practices. Workers come to our law firm for assistance when employers violate laws designed to protect worker wages, working conditions, wrongful termination, workplace discrimination and harassment, and hostile working environments.

We can help you recover wages, back pay, and overtime pay and well as the lawful compensation you deserve due to the disruption in your earnings. Contact us for a free consultation about your workplace situation and possible monetary damages.

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      • Pregnancy Discrimination
      • Race Discrimination
      • National Origin Discrimination
      • Age Discrimination
      • Racial Harassment
      • Sexual Harassment
      • Civil Rights Cases

    In California, you have legal rights and protections as an employee or worker – Contact an Employment Attorney

    Our employment law firm is based in San Diego, California. We help protect workers everywhere in the state of California, including San Diego County, Orange County, Greater Los Angeles, Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area, and California Central Valley

    If your employer has treated you unfairly and you believe you have been subjected to wrongful termination, discrimination, or harassment – or your employer owes you unpaid wages or overtime pay – we are employment attorneys who are here to help Californians like you recover what they are owed by an employer.

    We have helped hundreds of workers in San Diego and across California achieve redress for discrimination or illegal employer practices. Unscrupulous employers often attempt to take advantage of workers who may be non-native speakers of English, immigrants who do not understand their rights as employees, or working people who are not knowledgable about the protections afforded by federal and state employment law. Clients trust our attorneys to defend their rights as workers and use the court system as leverage when negotiating with dishonest employers to achieve a fair and just settlement for employees. Unfortunately, the services of experienced employment lawyers are often required to compel such companies, corporations, and small businesses to comply with the law – or face a judge in a court of law and risk potentially even greater sanctions and costs to their business and reputation.

    Contact our veteran employment lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation. Please call 888 808-8358 to schedule a free appointment. Our law offices are located in downtown San Diego, California.

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