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San Diego Employment & Consumer Law Attorneys

Proudly Protecting Worker & Consumer Rights Across California

Cohelan Khoury & Singer represents plaintiffs in employment litigation and consumer law matters across California, including San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Alameda, and Sacramento counties. Our veteran employment and consumer law attorneys possess decades of experience and are familiar with a wide range of California labor law and consumer protection cases.

Our law firm has a stellar reputation in our community because we have recovered tens of millions of dollars in settlements for over a million workers who were wronged by their employers. We know that each case is unique, which is why we will gladly use our legal insight and extensive resources to recommend the best course of action for your individual employment or consumer law case.

Our legal team takes great pride in fighting for the rights of workers and consumers against big business. If you believe your current or former employer owes you wages for ANY reason, or you suffered harm or were wronged by a company, then you might be entitled to compensation.

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Why Clients Throughout California Trust Cohelan Khoury & Singer

There's a reason why we have obtained settlements for over one million workers across California and the country for claims under labor law guidelines:

  • Experience: Our employment lawyers have over 100 years of combined civil litigation experience, including certified class actions and PAGA actions in state and federal courts, class action trials, and settlements.
  • Leaders in Our Field: We literally wrote the book: Cohelan on California Class Actions (Thompson West 1999-2021). Michael D. Singer wrote the overview of California Wage and Hour Law and PAGA Claims chapters in the book California Wage and Hour Law and Litigation (CEB 2010-2021).
  • Employment Expertise: Our employment lawyers lecture for continuing education courses and publish articles on labor law subjects. Michael D. Singer was named three times to the Daily Journal Top Labor and Employment Attorneys.
  • Recognition: The Cohelan Khoury & Singer employment law firm has received the highest Martindale Hubbell AV Rating.
  • Relationships: We maintain cooperative relationships sharing information and co-counseling cases with plaintiff’s counsel throughout the country and encourage professional relationships with defense firms of all sizes.
  • Judicial Respect: “I have seen no similar indication of a public service rendered by any group of lawyers in all the years that I have practiced law myself which is for 38 or the 27 years that I have been on the bench.” — Hon. Milton Pollack, Senior United States District Court Judge.
Protecting Californians Since 1982 Rely on Our Experience & Knowledge

We will protect and empower you with the knowledge that is needed to enforce your rights of any wrongful mistreatment. Your rights as an employee must be be honored.

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Consumer Class Actions

Consumer class actions are an important mechanism for protecting consumers in consumer law cases. When one individual suffers harm because of a company’s practice it often isn’t enough to bring a claim. With consumer class action lawsuits, the claims of all individuals who suffered the same harm can be aggregated, plus the ability to bring a class action can deter companies from future wrongdoing. Generally, consumer class action settlements are divided among every consumer affected by fraud or corrupt practices. Our consumer class action lawyers can let you know if your complaint is grounds for a class action suit.

Why Do I Need an Employment Law Attorney?

An experienced employment lawyer can determine whether you are entitled to additional wages and benefits beyond what you are seeking. Experienced class action employment lawyers can also advise whether your case is suitable as a class action. These cases can initiate positive changes in working conditions for an entire company and obtain back pay and other compensation for all the employees.

Employment Law Cases We Handle

Our skilled employment law lawyers are experienced with the different types of employee rights and the requirements for working conditions under the California Labor Code and Industrial Welfare Commission Wage Orders. We frequently represent union and non-union employees in the following cases:

  • Unpaid Wages: Our wage and hour attorneys can help you recover any unpaid wages or salaries. So if you believe your employer or previous employer owes you for overtime or minimum wages, including uncompensated time worked off-the-clock or rounded-off time, please contact us and see how we can help.
  • Wrongful Termination: Our California wrongful termination lawyers will aggressively fight for your rights in your unfair termination case. If you were fired due to retaliation or whistleblowing, we would like to hear about it.
  • Workplace Discrimination: We can protect you against workplace discrimination when being hired, fired, promoted, or being mistreated as a result of their race, ethnicity, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, religion, or other personal features.

Why Do I Need Consumer Law Representation?

In addition to handling employment law matters, our firm also takes on consumer fraud complaints on behalf of clients seeking compensation for corrupt, fraudulent, or negligent business practices that caused them harm. There are various consumer protection and privacy statutes that have been enacted to protect the rights of consumers, so if you believe a company has wrongfully taken advantage of you, please consult with a lawyer at Cohelan Khoury & Singer to discuss your situation and determine whether your rights have been violated.

Consumer Protection Cases We Handle

Do you, or someone you know, have consumer fraud complaints? Our skilled lawyers will fight for your rights as well as the rights of others who have been harmed. Contact our firm now today to speak to an experienced consumer class law lawyer who will take you seriously. Common types of consumer complaints we handle include:

  • Falsely advertising the benefits, content, or attributes of a product or service
  • Violation of privacy rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
  • Unsolicited phone calls, texts, and faxes - robocalls or automated phone calls that violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act
  • Improper debt collection efforts that violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Data breaches

Veteran Employment & Consumer Law Attorneys in San Diego

Are you a worker or employee in California, who has been a victim of unpaid wages, overtime violations, workplace discrimination, or wrongful termination? Do you, or someone you know, have consumer fraud or data breach complaints? Our compassionate and insightful employment and consumer law attorneys will fight for your rights as well as the rights of others who have been harmed.

Call our firm at (800) 724-4157 to speak to an experienced employment and consumer protection lawyer who will take you seriously. Schedule your free case consultation with our lawyers today!

  • Amazon

    Claims on behalf of warehouse employees for unpaid wages due to company practice requiring employees to go through on-premises security searches after clocking out for meal periods and at the end of the day, as well as failure to authorize and permit meal and rest breaks.

  • Ashley Furniture

    Case brought on behalf of commission furniture sales associates for recovery of minimum wages. Class certified and on appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

  • EasySaver Rewards

    Case alleging that Provide Commerce, Inc., owner of multiple internet companies, including Pro Flowers, fraudulently transmitted customer's credit card, debit card, and/or pay pal information to Encore Marketing, Inc. a third party, which charged the card or account without the authorization of the customer.

  • JK Residential

    Claim for failure to pay minimum wage to apartment managers.

  • Kaiser Foundation Hospitals

    Case brought on behalf of all California-based current and former hourly employees alleging Kaiser failed to pay all hourly and overtime wages due to Kaiser’s rounding of time entries, provide itemized wage statements, and to pay wages of terminated employees.

  • Massage Envy

    Case brought on behalf of massage therapists and estheticians for failure to pay wages for all hours worked, failure to pay the proper overtime rate, and failure to authorize and permit meal and rest breaks.

  • PICS

    Claim for failure to pay travel time and provide all meal periods.

  • Shelly Automotive

    Case brought on behalf of automobile or service technicians or mechanics for failure to pay wages for all hours worked, failure to pay the proper overtime rate, and failure to authorize and permit meal and rest breaks.


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