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Our wage and hour  lawyers represent clients who have been subjected to illegal and unfair employment practices. If you and your fellow employees have been denied meal and rest breaks, have been asked to work off the clock, or have been denied minimum wage or overtime, then you may benefit from wage and hour class actions.

Other wage and hour claims include

  • underpayment of wages due to an employer’s policy of paying employees for rounded time entries rather than actual time-clock entries;
  • failure to fully reimburse for necessary business expenses incurred in the performance of job duties;
  • failure to compensate employees for time spent donning and doffing protective gear before clocking in before their shifts begin, walking to and from their work stations, and after clocking out at the end of the shift;
  • failure to pay prevailing wages for work performed on public works projects;
  • failure to timely pay all wages owed at termination (3 days for voluntary separation, same day for involuntary termination);
  • failure to pay all accrued vacation wages at termination;
  • failure to pay separate minimum wage for non-productive time when paying under a piece-rate system.

We understand wage and hour laws and our attorneys can inform you about all your legal options.

Employment Class Actions & Overtime Class Actions

Our wage and hour lawyers know from experience that when a company treats one employee unfairly, they usually treat the group of employees unfairly. Wage and hour class action attorneys file employment class action lawsuits and overtime class action lawsuits on behalf of employees who have been cheated of overtime wages, regular wages and tips by their employers. Attorneys at Cohelan Khoury and Singer specialize in California employment matters as well as nationwide claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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Wage and hour class actions, and other employment class action lawsuits, are one of the only means of recourse available to many unfairly treated employees. If you’re one of them, our wage and hour lawyers are ready to come to your aid. Contact our wage and hour class action attorneys now.

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