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Have you and a group of employees been unjustly treated by your employer?  Our class action employment attorneys have been fighting for the rights of employees for many years.  Over time, we have went up against some of the nation’s largest companies achieving great success in and out of court.  If you believe a company has wrongfully taken advantage of you, it is important to consult with an attorney who knows employee rights and can help you determine whether your rights, and others like yourself, have been violated.

Our employee rights class action lawyers are well versed in navigating employment class action lawsuits and will advocate for your rights to the full extent of the law.  We cover all aspects of employee rights class action including wage & hour class action and unpaid time class action.

Common Labor Law Complaints

The most common types of employee rights violations include:

Unpaid Overtime / Salary Misclassification
Expense Reimbursements
Illegal Wage Deductions
Missed Breaks
Unpaid Commissions
Wrongful Termination
Other Overtime Law Violations

If you’ve been wronged by your company, you might not be alone. An employee class action lawyer will know if your complaint is grounds for a class action suit. Employee class action litigation seeks to make things right for all members of a group who have suffered from the actions of greedy corporate practices. The average employee claim is typically small, so aggregating the claims of all those employees provides an avenue to redress the wrong as well as provides relief for more individuals.

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