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Michael D. Singer

Managing Partner

Michael D. Singer San Diego Labor LawyerMichael D. Singer is a 1984 graduate of U.C. Hastings Law School. He graduated magna cum laude from San Francisco State University in 1980 with a B.A. in English. He was admitted to the State Bar of California in 1984 and the State Bar of Colorado in 2001. He is a member of the California Employment Lawyers Association, San Diego County Bar Association, and the Consumer Attorneys of California. Mr. Singer was selected to Southern California Super Lawyers 2010-2013. His main areas of practice include employment wage and hour, consumer, and unfair competition class actions and appellate practice. Michael is one of a small group of attorneys who has taken a wage and hour class action through trial (Dilts v Penske Logistics), resulting in a class liability finding.

Mr. Singer was named to the Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journal 2012 and 2013 list of the Top 75 Labor and Employment Attorneys. He is a contributing author to California Wage and Hour Litigation (CEB 2010-2014), the winner of the 2011 ACLEA Award for Professional Excellence in the Best Publication Category [opening chapter overview on California wage and hour law]. He has also been published on wage and hour issues in Bender's California Labor & Employment Bulletin (September 2010), California Labor and Employment Law Review (State Bar of California Labor and Employment Law Section) (November 2010), CAOC Forum Magazine (February/March 2008) and Orange Country Lawyer Magazine (July 2004). He has also authored several articles for the Los Angeles Daily Journal. (Publications linked below.)

Mr. Singer is a CLE lecturer on class action procedure and wage and hour issues, including commercial seminars in San Diego, San Francisco, Orange County, and Los Angeles and presentations before the San Diego and Orange County Bar Associations. He has participated in over 50 appellate cases and argued writs and appeals before several California District Courts of Appeal, as well as federal appeals in the Second, Third, and Ninth Circuit Courts of Appeal.

Published decisions include:

He also contributed to the briefing of Aguilar v. Atlantic Richfield, et al. (2001) 25 Cal.4th 826 (summary judgment of antitrust claim of certified class of 20 million California drivers).

Continuing Education Presentations

Consumer Attorneys of San Diego
Sixth Annual Class Action Symposium
Recent Developments in Class Action Law

San Diego, California May, 2014

Strategic Discovery: Truth and Consequences
Los Angeles County Bar Association
Labor and Employment Section Saturday Seminar
Los Angeles, California April, 2014

Practical Tips from Seasoned Employment Lawyers: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
Keynote Speaker: Bad Facts Make Bad Law
2013 California Employment Lawyers Annual Conference
San Jose, California October, 2013

Federal Class Action Trial Methodology for Wage & Hour Cases
2013 Annual Mid-Year Wage & Hour Conference
Bridgeport Continuing Education
San Diego, California June, 2013

Preparing and Taking Your Class Action to Trial, Part 2
Dealing with Post-Certification Issues and
Customizing A Successful Trial Plan

California Employment Lawyers Association
Ninth Annual Advanced Wage and Hour Seminar:
Getting To and Through a Class Action Trial
Los Angeles, California April, 2013

Wage & Hour Law Compliance for Business Law Practitioners
Continuing Education of the Bar
UCLA, March, 2013

Class Re-Action (Podcast Episode 1)
Current Case Issue Review
The Complex Litigator, Feb., 2013 MCLE Accredited Link.
Available at

Life After Brinker
2012 Mid-Year Wage and Hour Conference:
Beyond Brinker
Bridgeport Continuing Education
San Diego, California June 2012

Piece Rate Calculations, Cases, and Minimum Wage Class Actions
California Employment Lawyers Association
8th Annual Advanced Wage and Hour Seminar
San Francisco, California May 2012

Brinker: The Aftermath:
Meal & Rest Breaks, Wage & Employment Law in California

Bridgeport Continuing Education
Los Angeles, California May 2012

Brinker Podcast at CEB.Com

View from the Plaintiff's Bar:
Post-Concepcion Cases and Strategies

American Conference Institute, September 2011
13th Annual National Forum on Wage and Hour Claims and Class Actions

Limitations of AT&T Mobility, LLC v. Concepcion; Recent Developments in
Class Certification Cases in Appellate and Trial Courts: Predominance
Rulings, Statistical ExtrapolationIssues, Decertification motions, and
Post-Certification Trial Preparation

2011 Mid-Year Wage and Hour Conference, San Diego
Bridgeport Continuing Education, June 2011

Panel Discussion: Thirty Cases in Thirty Minutes
California Employment Lawyers Association
7th Annual Advanced Wage and Hour Seminar
Los Angeles, California April, 2011

Wage And Hour Compliance For Business Law Practitioners
Continuing Education for the Bar
Los Angeles, California April 2011

Panel Discussion: Bringing and Opposing
Class Certification - the Tried, the True, and the New

Consumer Attorneys of San Diego
3d Annual Class Action Seminar, October 2010

Wage and Hour Class Action Primer
North County San Diego Bar Association, Labor
and Employment Section, September 2010

Certification, Decertification, and Post-Certification Trial Preparation
2010 Mid Year Wage and Hour Conference, San Diego
Bridgeport Continuing Education, June 2010

Settlement, ADR, Arbitration: Making the Call
on Which to Do and How to Get the Best Results
Once the Call Is Made (with Jeffrey D. Wohl, Esq. of
Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker)

American Conference Institute, October 2009
Eighth Annual National Advanced Forum on Wage and
Hour Claims and Class Actions

Settlement Pitfalls and Objectors (with Hon. Timothy B. Taylor,
Hon. Leo S. Pappas, Hon. Jan M. Adler, Robin A. Wofford, Esq.
of Wilson Kosmo Turner, Timothy G. Blood, Esq. of Coughlin
Stoia Geller Rudman & Robbins)

Consumer Attorneys of San Diego, October 2009
Second Annual Class Action Symposium

Before the Retainer is Signed: Reality Check on the Costs of
Litigating Class Actions

After the Handshake: 10 Critical Terms in MOU's and Settlement
Agreements to Protect the Rights of Class Members

Current Issues In Settling Wage & Hour Class Actions
2009 Mid Year Wage and Hour Conference, San Diego
Bridgeport Continuing Education, June 2009

Assessing the Merits of a Class Action Case
Meal and Rest Period Law After Brinker

Bridgeport Seminars, Los Angeles, December 2008

The Impact of Brinker
San Diego County Bar Association, Labor and Employment Section
October 2008

Beyond the Number: Negotiating Wage and Hour Class Action Mediations
and Settlement Terms

Bridgeport Seminars, San Diego, CA June 2008

Employment Practice Workshop for Mediators
JAMS Institute, San Francisco, March 2008

Pre-Certification Communications with Class Members
Consumer Attorneys of California Annual Convention, November 2007

Wage and Hour Class Actions: View From the Plaintiff's Bar
American Conference Institute, October 2007

Spotting the Class Action Plaintiff
San Diego County Bar Association, September 2007

Wage and Hour Litigation Conference:
Preparing for and Excelling in Mediations

Bridgeport Seminars, June 2007

Getting To and Through a Class Action Trial:
Class Action Trial Plans (with Hon. Ronald Sabraw, Mark Theirman,
Esq. Eve Cervantez, Esq., and David Borgen, Esq.)

California Employment Lawyers Association, May 2007

Wage and Hour Appellate Issues
Bridgeport Seminars, January 2007

A Behind the Scenes Look at Rest and Meal Period Issues:
Proposed DLSE Regulations, LC226.7 Cases on Appeal
San Diego County Bar Association, April 2005

Developments in Rest and Meal Period Class Actions
Orange County Bar Association, March 2005

Career Satisfaction, Renewal and Resilience for Lawyers and Judges
Ash Grove Group
Breakout group facilitator
October 2003

Class Action Procedure
CK-Seminars, November 2002, December 2002, January 2003

Enjoying the Practice of Law
Legal ReVision Seminars, April 2001

Career Satisfaction and Fulfillment for Lawyers
Legal ReVision Seminars, November 1999

Amicus Curiae briefs and depublication letters include:

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  • State Bar of California
  • State Bar of Colorado
  • California Employment Lawyers Association
  • Consumer Attorneys of California
  • San Diego County Bar Association

Michael is also a certified professional coach (Coaches Training Institute, 2002), coaching lawyers on career satisfaction. He is an occasional composer of classical music, available for download on iTunes or for purchase at cdbaby. For more information, please visit

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