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Our data breach and Internet privacy lawyers provide relevant, incisive legal advice about Internet privacy laws, and can help inform you of your legal rights and obligations. If you’re having Internet privacy issues or believe your information has been compromised as part of a data security breach, you shouldn’t face them alone. Internet privacy and data breach lawyers are your best options when searching for legal counsel qualified to help.

Internet Privacy Issues & Violations

Privacy issues on the Internet occur due to tracking software used by websites, phishing scams, and email spam. Internet privacy violations are prevalent, and Internet privacy laws struggle to keep up with the many threats to privacy found online. If you’re having Internet privacy issues, our Internet privacy lawyers can advise you on the best course of action. Our attorneys help clients navigate online privacy issues, including Internet privacy lawsuits and the evolving legislation around Internet privacy law.

Data Breach Issues

If you believe your private medical records, credit or debit card information, social security number, personal or financial information has been compromised, you should consult with lawyers qualified to advise you of your rights. Shoppers at Target, Neiman-Marcus, discount retailers, medical center patients, restaurant patrons, convention attendees, holders of MasterCard, Visa and Citigroup cards, Nintendo and PlayStation users, government agencies, and email users have been victim of data breach involving stolen credit cards or bank account numbers, social security numbers, medical records and/or other personal or financial information.

Companies must make significant investments in encrypting sensitive data and preventing and detecting data security breaches to protect the privacy rights of consumers and patients. Should an unauthorized breach occur, companies need to have a plan in place for notification and response.

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